A key is a specific part of a musical instrument. The purpose and function of the part in question depends on the instrument.

Key Instruments are

The keyboard has groups of black and white notes, which form a repeating pattern. The black notes are grouped in twos and threes. The white notes are named after the first seven letters of the alphabet: A B C D E F and G.

Before we can learn how to play scales chords it is vital that we learn the notes on keyboard and how they relate to each other. The best way to describe the notes on the keyboard is by comparing them to the notes of the alphabets. The first seven notes of the keyboard are ( A – B – C – D -E – F – G ). Each note differs with each other in sound. Below are all seven notes of the keyboard. Notice that the seven notes of keyboard repeat themselves over and over again. That the notes sound the same but the pitch differs. For example if you play C and move to the right until you find the next C, you will notice that if you play them simultaneously, both notes sounds the same but one is higher than the other.

Middle C marks the center of the keyboard. As you will notice the C Major is the easiest and simplest scale of the twelve. In C Major Scale you may play the song “ik pyar kaa nagma hai”. It consists all the white keys from any starting C to the next. C. The diagram 1 below represents the C major scale in all three octaves. C major can be written as ( C maj, CM ).

Parts Of The Keyboard:

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