Blend With Music

Sri Veenavani music academy presents the art of music to your children, through its Blend with Music program. Blend with Music program for children has been designed by Sri Veenavani music academy to teach music, through engaging formats that appeal and inspire learning in children. Sri Veenavani music academy has introduced various courses specially tailored for children of different age groups.

The Blend with Music program has been successfully delivered to 10000+ children in schools all over the country.

Blend With Music Program

  • Builds a strong foundation and appreciation in music.
  • Nurtures cognitive skills and develops utmost concentration which in turn helps children’s to perform better in their academics as well.
  • Develops leadership skills and confidence by engaging children in musical performances.
  • Aids in holistic development by exposing children to diverse genres of music from over the world.
  • Facilitates children’s to opt music as a profession by sowing the seed of music at the earliest possible age.
  • Blend with music enables a child’s social, cognitive and communication skills, through which the overall performance of the child will be evolved.

Features Of Blend With Music Program

  • Tailored, advanced and age appropriate syllabus with quantifiable results
  • 24/7 accessible E Music Book – an E music book available online 24/7 with syllabus, audio and video recordings of lessons based on the levels will be available.
  • Stage will be provided by the academy for the children’s to showcase their accumulated skills and talent.
  • Fixed assessments, ranking, and certification

Delivery Procedure

Blend with Music is specially tailored to students with the option of considering the program as part of their academic curriculum or as an after-school hobby class. This program is preferred for pre-KG, KG1, KG2, Grade 1 to Grade 9.

  • Program for academic year: 35 week program (offered as part of the school curriculum).
  • Hobby Classes: 12 week program (offered after school hours).

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