The Boomerang Recording Studio and Jam Room is a large acoustically treated rehearsal space for groups and bands in the vicinity of Sri Veena Vani Music School. It also has a high end sound proofed recording studio, latest & best in-class equipment and expert studio team. The Jam Room is an expansive 400 sft. space and includes 32 inputs, a TAMA drum set, speakers, amps and other essential equipment for practice and recording of anything from instruments, devotional songs to heavy metal. The Recording Studio is a sound proofed booth adjacent to the control room. With monitors (A/V) connected to both the Control Room and the Jam Room, the facility provides the perfect setup for mixing instruments and vocal recordings at the same time.
The students of Sri Veena Vani Music School get to visit, practice and record their songs at this state-of-the-art studio during their music courses. This provides the students the exposure to professional equipment, terminologies, recording environments and helps them understand the basics of performing in the music industry. The recorded songs may even be published by the students to social networks in order to showcase their talent to the world.
Sri Veena Vani Music School is well known for helping large groups of students learn and perform together. The Boomerang Studios offers the large space required for such groups to practice and record their performances in a professional quality setup.
Working with Sri Veena Vani Music School & The Boomerang Studios also allows the students to become part of an elite network of musicians and artists in the industry which can help jumpstart talented individuals into a career in music where such talent is recognized and respected. The are numerous success stories of students who have gone through our courses and made it to be very big names in the industry today.
Will you be the next?
To know more about The Boomerang Studios & Jam Room, please visit: https://theboomerangstudios.com


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