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Guinness World Record Event – 2018

Guinness World Record 2018


Sri Veena Vani Music School, one of the most well-known music institutions in Bangalore, is no stranger to creating records. We are the one and only music school in India which has got eleven world records, which include: Guinness World Record, Limca World Record to name a few. And now, we decided it’s time for another rendezvous with the record books!


We organized an event on 18th of February named as, LARGEST HUMAN OM SYMBOL with 2212 participants @Bangalore palace grounds this event was organized under the category of largest human image.

We organized an event on 26th of january,2018, in which we attempted for 19 world records in 3 different categories, which includes:

  • Largest Human Image of a Country/Continent
  • Worlds Largest Regional Anthem Ensemble (STATE ANTHEM)
  • Largest D_jambe Ensemble (djambe is south african musical folk instrument)

Under the records..

  • Guinness book of world records
  • Limca book of records
  • Asia book of records
  • India book of records
  • Miracle book of records
  • Golden book of records
  • Elite book of records
  • Unique world records
  • Best of india records
  • Asian records academy

All together we would be attempting 19 world records on a single stage, which is never done before.

Largest human image of a country/continent – India map(3610 participants) , the state anthem(12000 participants) and largest djambe ensemble(640 participants).


Guinness World Record holder, Sri Veena Vani Music School is a Premier Carnatic Classical Music School in South Bangalore and is currently making landmarks of achievements in the field of music. Having made tremendous achievements by imparting music education to over 20,000+ students till date from age groups varying 4yrs to 70yrs and teaching more than 14 different instruments and vocals in Carnatic and Hindustani Styles, Light Music and Playback Singing, The institution takes pride in birthing passions and perseverance for all aspiring students and enabling a platform in all musical facets.

We are glad to announce that we organised an event to play the following songs:

  • Lambodara
  • Kundagowra
  • Brahmamurari
  • Vande Mataram
  • Janagana mana (National Anthem)

using stringed instruments like Veena, Voilin, Guitar, Sitar, Mandolin etc. and created a Guinness World Record to document a milestone for (carnatic music) the heritage of Karnataka and India on the whole. We welcome you to be a part of this esteemed event and partner with us in this epic of Karnataka’s and India’s pride of carnatic music make history with us in the Guinness Book of World Records.

EVENTS 2016, 2015,…..

Carnatic classical music which has grown to the heights of Himalayas has been adapted by various kinds of western musical instruments and efforts are still being made in adapting it. To continue this wonderful heritage and make a mark to its existing credibility we organized an event on 1st week of September-2015 to play carnatic music using keyboard which will be one of the biggest Carnatic classical Keyboard performance. The objective of the program was to ensemble about 500 keyboard players, collectively performing the National Anthem, National Song and a Carnatic piece of music in a western instrument on one stage. This biggest musical event, ever held in the country and has entered the

‘Guinness Book of World Records’ , “limca book of records” and the 5 records ,for the largest keyboard ensemble.

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