A playback singer is a singer whose singing is pre-recorded for use in movies. Playback singers record songs for soundtracks, and actors or actresses lip-sync the songs for cameras, while the actual singer does not appear on screen.


Resonance is commonly defined as the “key to your signature voice.” As singers, we are far more interested on how we manipulate it that it’s textbook definition. Resonance is created by the sound wave/frequency you are creating is shaped and amplified by dancing in a resonating cavity (chest, mouth, nasal, sinus). The resonating cavity we have the most control over is the size and shape of our mouth. So play around with the size and shape of the mouth to hear changes in your resonance. With regard to mouth shape, taller is preferred over wider.


The most efficient way to learn a song is actually to NOT sing it right away. By listening to a song you can learn what you are supposed to do a lot faster, without creating any bad habits you are only going to have to break later. If you can think sing a song from beginning to end, anticipating every breath and melody nuance, then you are ready to sing. It’s like a playbook for football. Study the play first before jumping in the game. Not successfully “think singing” the song before you actually sing it is like a ball player running around the field with no idea of the play.

The Importance of Breathing and Listening when Singing

  • Focus of a Singer
  • Impact of breathing on your singing
  • How recognizing chords help you
  • Vocal coach who is alaways with you

Focus of a Singer

A singer needs to focus on many things while they are in the process of performing, and each facet could end up affecting the quality of their voice. If you want to improve your own singing abilities, whether it is to ensure that you can perform all your favorite songs within the genre of Hindi music or simply to entertain yourself in the shower, no matter what you want to achieve with your vocal chords, you can rest assured that you will have a better chance of finding success by practicing your breathing and listening abilities.

Impact of breathing on your singing

Breathing is an integral part of learning how to sing, and this is because the manner in which a person breathes while they sing will impact how their voice sounds when it is released from their voice box. If you do not breathe properly, you could end up becoming short of breath, and those that are listening will be able to hear this in your singing. By learning how to breathe, singers will also find it easier to hold longer notes, sing more powerfully and generally enjoy the entire action a lot more.

How recognizing chords help you

Listening is extremely important when you are in the process of learning to belt out songs, and this is because you will often have to repeat chords that you hear precisely and clearly. If you are just a bit off on your chords, the entire song could end up sounding very strange indeed, and professional singers who cannot recognize various chords will not be taken seriously within this industry.

Vocal coach who is alaways with you

In order to learn how to sing, how to breathe properly and how to recognize notes when they are played to you, it might be a good idea for you to locate an app or exercises that you can use on your iPhone, iPad or Android, since this will allow you the chance to practice everything from your breathing exercises to your chord recognition abilities. While it might take some time for you to be able to improve your abilities in all of these areas, you need to ensure that you put a few hours aside every week to work on them so that you can begin to improve over time. Committing yourself to these improvements is one of the best ways to make sure that you find success; just be sure to enjoy the process, and you will find that you can't wait for each and every lesson!

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